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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Library Tales: Dedication VIII

To Elektra and Maria in the hope that they will
             excuse my prolonged self-absorption.
[Profiting without producing by Costas Lapavitsas]

To everyone who helped me find my way back.
[Interconnecting Cisco Network devices, Part 2 by Joe Tiso]

To Ann
Your goodness has made many things possible
and everything worthwhile.
[Bad men do what good men dream by Robert I. Simon]

To Nina, born into a world full of technology, which still
needs magic and dreams. May they all come true.
[Successful Web Marketing for the Tourism and Leisure Sectors by Susan Briggs]

To Dick Cropp, the ultimate tour guide of life. I couldn't
have made it this far without your leadership.
To Rick's father, Dick Cropp. You guided him well and I thank you.
For Dick Bellamy, who puts up with my erratic schedule,
reminds me to eat when I'm working late, and is always
willing to bring me a cup of tea and oatmeal cookies.
[Start and run a profitable tour guiding business by B. Braidwood, S.M. Boyce, and R. Cropp - please, no d*ck jokes - cgm]

To Ruth and Alex, who often wondered why their holidays
took them within range of so many local libraries.
[Scotland for the holidays by Alastair J. Durie]

To the Barkers, of Fields Farm, Coningsby, Lincolnshire,
for their generosity in allowing me to experience the pleasure
of holidays on a real farm for many years
To the Springetts for their own little bit of New Zealand rurality
To Julie for what we share away from urban life, and to Schaapie my
friend and colleague
Finally, this work is dedicated to The Archers, for many urbanites the only
contact which they have with rural life
[Tourism and Recreation in Rural Areas edited by Richard Butler et al]

To the wandering islands
and one of the best ones 
[Tourism and Politics by Colin Michael Hall]
[Note: C. Michael Hall, dedicates other books to 'the Wandering Islands']

For Ithiel de Sola Pool (1917-1984),
who saw it all coming
[Old Media New Media by Wilson Dizard, jr.]

To my parents, John and Nancy Fennell
for inspiring me to live your philosophy of 'roots and wings'
'Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone;
therefore, we are saved by love.' (Reinhold Niebuhr)
[Tourism Ethics by David A. Fennell]

To that sense of pace and past
and that landscape of colours
which remains Ellen Vannin.
[Tourism and Heritage Attractions by Richard Prentice]
['Ellan Vannin' is the Isle of Man in Manx]


This might be my last 'dedications' for a while, because although I quite enjoy collecting them. They are starting to get a little repetitive. Look, I get it! If I wrote a book I'd dedicate it to my loved ones too, but an academic textbook? Or worse, no dedication at all. That's just lazy. I might try and think of something to at least make the list-making aspect slightly more interesting, perhaps a spreadsheet? Gosh, do we librarians love a spreadsheet! That or images, perhaps blurry photos will increase the wow factor? Divisive political views? I could just slip them in... smash the system. Either way, now I've just withdrawn (withdrew?) the entirety of the former tourism section (did you guess?) and all the new term's books have arrived, they might be a short lull anyway. Good reading!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Songs on Sunday: Theme Song

Many moons ago, a good friend raised the topic of having a personal 'theme song' - his song was Air's Sexy Boy, which probably says a great deal about his self-confidence ;-)

My own choice was the song below, which for some reason I recently remembered. Thinking on it, I think I'd still pick it as my song...

I'll have to ask my friend if he'd keep the teen-aged choice he made.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Thoughts on Thursday: Scottish independence

Although I agree with the argument for an independent Scotland, it's still just another example of insular 'us before them' populism.

They (the SNP, speaking for the majority) turn away from the Tory's Westminster unhappy that they do not have control of their own land and now they wish to "take back control" just like the argument that won the leave vote, but Scotland still wishes to be part of the EU. What happens when the EU issues a ruling that they disagree with? Take back control again?

I'll be clear, I massively distrust the SNP. They are a one-issue populist party, who now are the anti-austerity party and apparently democratic socialists. Tomorrow, they could be whatever is popular. Yesterday, they we happy to sell off 'their' land to Trump to ruin with a golf course (here).

At least, they have more of a plan for Scottish independence than the leave campaign ever had for Brexit. However, as a friend says, it's difficult to predict the future...

I foolishly grew up with the idea that we were working on a future that was everyone working together for each other (too much Star Trek utopianism). Really, we were always working on Ghettoising the world. You stay in your corner, we'll stay in ours. Until someone needs someone else's resources/land.

The history of the world is countries breaking apart and forming together, cf. Empedocles 'Love and Strife', constant turning-away-from and turning-towards, unification and separation. The rest, as he says, is commentary.

At one time through love all things come together into one, at another time, through strife's hatred, they are borne each of them apart.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Quotes worth saving (18): 'Evil' by Roy Baumeister

Evil: inside human violence and cruelty by Roy F. Baumeister.
This edition published in, New York: W.H. Freeman & co., 1997.
This quote, p.385.

Citizens of the future will look back on us much the way people today look back on the slave traders or warmongers of past eras, with one twist: Future populations will be our victims, whereas relatively little of today's suffering is directly caused by the actions of our nefarious ancestors. When the oil really runs out, or when the water supply is fatally contaminated, or even when the national debt forces a major drop in everyone's standard of living, people will look back on our era as the culprits responsible for their suffering. Moreover, as we have seen, victim's perceptions tend to be especially stark and unforgiving. The future will have its own version of Satan, and it is likely to be you and me (and our governments). But, like most perpetrators, we do not see ourselves as doing evil.