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Who I am & What I do

My name's CFT Godfree-Morrell, but you can call me Chris or god-free morals, if you prefer to use blogger aliases.

Long ago I was a PhD student, but academia (and money) was getting me down. However, it was the basis of this blog and I still find myself thinking about all those books of philosophy I didn't write, so there might still be some thoughts about that.

Some time ago I finished a CILIP accredited postgraduate qualification in librarianship and am now working as a professional librarian, although nobody ever calls it that anymore (sadly).

It's fair to say that I don't like one topic blogs (or people) and this blog will therefore represent my interests, perhaps sometimes focusing mainly on literature, sometimes film or the visual arts, but always with philosophy somewhere thereabouts.

So, this is generally; a book blog with art reviews, film, television, and theatre discussions, some music videos, divisive politics, incoherent philosophy, and general ramblings. Pretty much all the things I like and like talking about.

Currently I've developed a sort of regular daily schedule that I'm trying to keep to on the blog, mainly because I find that I can work a little more productively if I give myself a routine. I suppose we are all creatures of habit after all. However, because I also enjoy breaking up established order and get bored by endless repetition, I might suddenly change daily events, ignore them, add new things, or continue old series (love is the law or tales from academia f.e.).

If it isn't obvious I don't ever publish that regularly, but this is still my schedule and I intend to keep to the days and their themes. I wrote this post in 2017 to detail the current focus of my blog and my general outlook, and although I'm not getting as much time to work on my novel/story-collection/rpg as I'd like there's still that going. So, Deep Darkness & Splendour occasionally abounds...

At the moment my current schedule is:

  • Library Tales: I started listing the interesting dedications found at the start of books while I was classifying them, but this has now grown into anything librarianship related. Although I haven't had much to say about it recently, there's plenty to be said about the state of public libraries and university libraries (both of which I've experienced) in the UK.
  • Quotes worth saving (x): an on-going collection of some choice selections from books I may have recently read.
  • Games Day: This series will deal with all types of games. Board games, role-playing games, computer games, card games, and so forth. It can be a review of a new game, ideas for changes to existing games, suggestions for playing your own games, or a reaction to the state of the game playing culture (meta-gaming). All things nerdy.
  • LeCraft: Is the description of my own world building for an RPG and/or story series, which started as a subset of Games Day, but deserves to be kept seperate.
  • Love is the Law: a series discussing the philosophical nature of love.
  • Tales from Academia: not always complaints against academia, but mostly. 
  • Aesthetic Pleasures: a catch-all for any art or entertainment related that doesn't already have a seperate day/title. Represented here is; television/streaming reviews, theatre, visits to art galleries and exhibitions and so forth.
  • Nature of Art: Also artistically related, but a philosophy subset that combines Aesthetic Pleasures and Filosophy Thoughts, includes; philosophical conceptions of art, the history of aesthetics, sections from own work on philosophy of art and literature and etc.

And day specific posts:

  • Melancholy Mondays: could also be morose or miserable or maudlin, but represents my general Monday mood and are complaints against the world. Tends to be the most diary-like and personal of my writings and therefore the most uncomfortable reading (for me). Expect sudden deletions.
  • Words on Wednesday: Books & Authors. Interviews, reviews, quotations, descriptions, criticisms, unconfined joy discussing books and all things literary. Perhaps even some poetry. Additional labels are used to help sort these out further; excerpts, review and so on.
  • Thoughts on Thursday: more informal philosophy thinkings.
  • Filosophy Fridays: something a little more academic, potential journal articles (no chance) or reviews of philosophy papers. Both Thursday and Friday posts are labelled as 'Filosophy Thoughts' and can have several additional labels to help differentiation that are; British Politicks, Care-for, Freedom of Speech, Mysticism
  • Film on Fridays: a review of the latest cinematic release I've seen or, more likely, the most recent DVD I've watched, some old classics that have until recently slipped past me, or a general discussion of techniques, directors, the philosophy of film itself. Uses the same additional labels as Words on Wednesday were needed.
  • Foodie Fridays: a collection of some of my most favourite recipes or more successful ingredient experiments.
  • Silly sATURDAY: Enough of being serious. Flippant, daft, and comedic attempts found on this day. Although I could probably do with some more of this for my mental health.
  • Songs on Sunday: Mostly music videos of my current listenings, but also album reviews and musing on the nature of music itself. Potentially a chronicle of another failed effort to learn the keyboard.
  • Secular Sundays: as so many people find it impossible to distinguish between church and state (or whatever you call that building) this is my attempt to investigate examples of politico-religiosity and to suggest a separation via a big hammer. Liable to be akin to kicking a wasp's nest.Also, technically a subset of Filosophy Fridays...