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How did I learn to stop worrying and love LeCraft?

Although I don't detail every aspect of my fantasy world and potential story/game concept here, I probably should. This is because I have the alarming habit of throwing out old notebooks and generally deleting typed stories in various fits of pique. Something that has led to this entire blog being wiped before it's eventual resurrection in 2010.

So, I'll keep a list here of all the works I've currently published, as well as a holder of the types of things I'm working on uploading at some point.

This then will be an archive for my LeCraft project.

What do you mean you don't know what LeCraft is? Or what it refers to?

Scene Setting and Thematic Description

LeCraft: Prehistory, Thomas' Basket of Leaves.
Linked above, this was my first attempt to get down some of the ideas of what we had talked about when thinking about fantasy worlds.

LeCraft: Influences
LeCraft: World Building, or Influences Part Two
These two pages are the detailing of my own basic conception of what the world might be. It also sets the 'production name' for the project as the combination of my two greatest influences, Le Guin and Lovecraft. I also considered, but do not yet use the following project titles; The Vile Mysteries, Cherish Port (my main setting), and (most recently) Deep Darkness & Splendour. Suggestions welcomed for titles!

LeCraft: Fantasy Combat
A description of what I think is the problem with the gamification of violence in role-playing games.

LeCraft: Cherish Port
LeCraft: The Nine City-states
LeCraft: The Wilderness
LeCraft: The Down Below
LeCraft: The Untold War


Magick is a core concept to the setting and is what makes it fantasy and not sci-fi, but it is my hope to describe Magick in terms that are not merely as a plot contrivance (a McGuffin to move events) but as something that is a 'character' in the world itself.

LeCraft: Magick and the Magus
LeCraft: Advanced Magicks for the Unwary
A basic description of how I see magick operating in the setting, and although I'm probably going to change or rewrite much of it there's still some aspects that I'll keep. The second part is an attempt to add more detail to the concept.

LeCraft: The Institute
Replacing the idea of a 'university' is the shadowy organisation, The Institute, that controls and monitors all Magick usage across the city-states.

Sapient Species

LeCraft: Speciesism
My initial musings about the use and misuse of 'race' in fantasy and why I'll be using sapient species and not fantasy races.

LeCraft: Humans in Fantasy
LeCraft: Humans, Part Two

LeCraft: Dwarf
LeCraft: Elf
LeCraft: Goblin
LeCraft: Orc
LeCraft: Dragon
LeCraft: Kuôn aka Beastkin
LeCraft: Shadows
LeCraft: Automaton
All the different alien sapient species described.

Rule book

Pretty empty so far, but include my attempts to create or cannibalise a simple yet descriptive rules system for the LeCraft Role-playing Game.

Story book

Although this section is actually quite comprehensively covered in my notebooks, I haven't had the courage to publish any stories here. Mainly because none of them are totally complete rather than the fear of critique from my small 'readership' (such as it is). Perhaps there will be some stories in more note form forthcoming. Either that or some fake academic writings of the history of the world, it's peoples and their conflicts.