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Friday 22 June 2012

Neil Kinnock, falling endlessly into the sea

The video creator is Greg Stekelman, aka themanwhofellasleep.

Setting the grounds for Caring and Appreciation: Distinction in beauty

When one cares-for another they immediately see beauty, it is not looked for. It is beautiful means 'in my caring for X, I see them as ... '

When an appreciator looks for beauty they find that it cannot be seen. It is their looking that makes beauty invisible, as they are trying to describe it as a separate conceptual quality.

Thursday 21 June 2012


by R. S. Thomas

Dear Parents,
I forgive you my life,
Begotten in a drab town,
The intention was good;
Passing the street now,
I see still the remains of sunlight.

It was not the bone buckled;
You gave me enough food
To renew myself.
It was the mind's weight
Kept me bent, as I grew tall.

It was not your fault.
What should have gone on,
Arrow aimed from a tried bow
At a tried target, has turned back,
Wounding itself
With questions you had not asked.

From 'The Bread of Truth' (1963)