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Thursday 25 November 2010

I got better.

Well, I suppose this is a return of sorts.

You might notice that everything previously posted is gone. So, perhaps fresh start is a more appropriate description than a return. At any rate, I intend to return to blogging. Although I'm not really sure what I'll blog about.

A diary about life as a PhD student (and all the inevitable whinging) is possible but probably dull, as would be an academic work diary (publishing the things not good enough to get 'published').
Haven't really been writing much 'poetry' recently and don't feel like sharing what I have.
Current political climate tends to reduce me to bellowing and there are more than enough tub-thumping blogs out-there already.
I have no intention of using the blog as self-advertising, mainly as I've nothing to advertise, but also because there is always facebook if I'm feeling especially vain.

This is mainly why my 'short break' has been a year or so.

If anyone has any suggestions for blog topics I'd like to hear it, otherwise it'll most likely be more of the same rambling social criticism and general philosophical-aesthetic belly aching that I used to inflict. But more so.

Love & Peace.