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Wednesday 1 December 2010

A common false assumption and its reversal.

That being a member of a religion or of a country means that whatever another member or group of said religion or country does that we are individually responsible. i.e. That all UK citizens are responsible for the actions of the UK Government, Army, etc. (overstating the power of Democracy, strangely enough)
And reversed, that the actions of a few represent the actions of an entire larger group. i.e. A small group of extremist radicals equals the actions of every other Muslim. (overstating the influence of religion on individual action)

This rage is  the impotent rage of ineffectual people against what they see as an 'evil' controlling force. One that they feel they do nothing against but throw themselves screaming at.
Their failure highlights the larger failing of World society via Religion, we are told that we are individually important and responsible (we are) but feel unable to act in the manner we feel we must (we imagine ourselves as more important/influential than we are).