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Tuesday 2 October 2012

Hypothetical Morality

Hypotheticals aren't what we base our morality upon. 

Take this example. We start by asking, whether you would ever kill another person?

A: I would never kill another person.
B: How could you say that, think of a hypothetical situation X, whereby the murder of another would not only necessary but potentially good.
A: I'm not thinking of any future potential possibility, but my attitude now. That is, who I am at the present and under these current situations. How would I know how I would act in a situation I do not know.
B: Then think of a situation that you do know.
A: That is possible, but it won't help your case. Think of these two questions.
1 Would you like oranges if you were a dog?
2 Would you ever love another human being? 
2b 'Specific human being'
How could I answer these kinds of questions? Your hypothetical ethical question is as unanswerable.