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Monday, 31 March 2014

Terrible Films I Love: changing the rules

Originally, I'd planned to write all six of my Terrible Films I Love reviews one after the other and then perhaps move on to other things. However, obviously, that never happened, I wrote the first review (for The Room) nearly a year ago now and although I've seen all the films mentioned on that list, some were so long ago now that it seems daft to try and keep myself in that strict regime.

So, I'm going to break out of my set order and write about the best good-bad films that I see, when I see them. Here are a few films that deserve to be reviewed that I've either seen recently or plan to watch (again).

One of the worst
This is an incredible psychedelic Japanese horror

Not sure I could bare this again, but it is really bad

Ah Nicolas Cage, possibly his best/worst is The Vampire's Kiss...

But then this film is pretty awful too

A film so dumb you lose IQ points watching it, MONSTER TRUCKS!

Forget Christopher Nolan, THIS is the definitive Batman

Lazy AND pretentious, for a film so derivative it hurts
Lead actor/writer/director not credited. Good idea, he's terrible
You had me at Mechano-Whores

Is it a joke? Is it? Because NOTHING is Happening

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