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Friday, 7 December 2018

Foodie Fridays: Butternut Squash Pasta

I suppose I could speak about the reasons for nearly deleting my blog (again) but instead let's just breeze over that and talk about one of my staple foods, as it's tailor made for this time of year, because I don't know where you are, but at the moment in Scotland it's definitely winter and despite my desire to continue to eat healthily (see some of my previous years winter salads, some healthier than other) sometimes you just need a bit of comfort.

& this meal is the physical manifestation of comfort!

I've given up on measurements, go by the eye and stomach of the chef.


  • 1+ Butternut Squash
  • Some Mushrooms, closed caps like chestnuts are best
  • Rosemary, fresh or dried
  • Mascapone
  • Something "green and fresh" (this is a JJ addition and can include; peppers, courgettes, spinach etc.)
  • More cheese, Parmesan or the closest approximation
  • Pasta (conchiglie is our #1 choice, but anything that 'holds sauce')
  • Olive Oil
  • Roasting Tin of a 'certain size' (i.e. it must hold everything)

Modus Operandi:

  • Pre-heat oven to around 200c/fan180c/gas6/400f
  • Peel, deseed and chop the squash into whatever consitutes bite-sized chunks for you.
  • Roll the squash about in the roasting tin with some oil and rosemary.
  • Roast it!
  • After about 25 minutes add your mushrooms (chopped) and diced peppers/courgette (if using)
  • At this point also:
  • Boil a pan of salted water and cook the pasta, don't drain it yet!
  • Once the mushrooms and squash (and others) have had another 15 minutes take out.
  • Place on the hob, still in pan, add a ladle or two of the pasta water.
  • Add the mascapone and heat on the hob while stirring.
  • Drain pasta and add (and add spinach if using).
  • Serve with plenty of ground black pepper and parmesan grated on the top.

Good with a rocket and tomato salad, garlic bread, and a good cold white wine.

There is presently no photographic representation, because it doesn't last long enough to get a snap!

Does not contain...