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Sunday 10 March 2019

Songs on Sunday: Gravenhurst, 'The Velvet Cell' and 'Reprise'

To understand the killer
I must become the killer
And I don't need this violence anymore
But now I've tasted hatred I want more
The velvet cell within men
Gloriously rusted masks
Grey death heart crocuses
And I had always thought
The desire to kill was a disease you caught
But it's dormant in the hearts of everyone
Waiting for a spark, an emotion

Nick Talbot AKA Gravenhurst, 2005, from 'Fires in Distant Buildings'

Nick's interview with philosopher John Gray is excellent. I should re-read Straw Dogs as it's been some time and it would be interesting to see if it still resonates as strongly with me as it did in 2004. It was the spark of contemporary philosophy that made my degree choice for me when I was considering other paths...