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Friday 7 September 2012

Quotes worth saving (11) Borderliners by Peter Høeg

Borderliners by Peter Høeg
Originally titled, De måske egnede
Translated from Danish by Barbara Haveland
Published in 1993, published in English by the Harvill Press in 1995

Time refuses to be simplified and reduced. You cannot say that it is found only in the mind or only in the universe, that it runs in only one direction, or in every one imaginable. That it exists only in biological substructure, or is only a social convention. That it is only individual or only collective, only cyclic, only linear, relative, absolute, determined, universal or only local, only indeterminate, illusory, totally true, immeasurable, measurable, explicable or unapproachable. It is all of these things. (p.235)