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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Library Tales: Dedications I

Here are some of the more interesting dedications I've come across recently, can you tell I've been working on mostly politics books?

To Linda, Fred, Peter,
and the little pink rabbit

For David and Edward
(from Marxism and Politics by Ralph Miliband)

To Joe,
who was born on Marx's birthday.

(Not overly well received by undergraduate graffiti'ers, e.g. "patronising git!")

To David, Daniel, and Carola,
that they may grow up in a more democratic
and, therefore, more peaceful world
(Written 1959, now seems hopelessly naive)

For David, my hero
(Me too although I suspect their's was a different David.)

For 1st Lt. George B (Tinker) Pearson, III (1941 - 1966)
Who believed in the American Dream and died for it in Vietnam

For Robert Dahl and Karl Deutsh
who care about science
and about people
(Really! You can do both?!)

To Bunny

To my grandfathers,
who both were colonels in the Soviet Army,
To  my father,
Captain of the First Rank ( Ret. ),
To my brother,
Captain in the Russian Army,
And to my son,
who will - I hope - choose a different career

To Marion, for her 'generosity of spirit'
(Blimey! Euphamism or scare quotes?)