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Tuesday 19 March 2013

Library Tales: Interestingly Titled I

Here are just a few of the more interestingly titled books I've come across recently.

The Industrial Vagina : the political economy of the global sex trade

Thinking Like a Communist

When Skateboards Will Be Free : my reluctant political childhood 

More, Bacon, Neville
Showing the importance of punctuation, which I cannot help but read as, More bacon, Neville!

A dog's history of America : how our best friend explored, conquered, and settled a continent

Housewife or harlot : the place of women in French society 1870-1940

Stiffed : the betrayal of modern man

Life is not complete without shopping

Sexed Pistols : The gendered impacts of small arms & light weapons

The Communist Controversy in Washing [sic]
 Due to a damaged cover this title has occurred, it should read Washington, but some things are better by accident

Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches : the riddles of culture

The True History of Chocolate

Mao's War Against Nature

Honourable mention goes to : The Male Body by Susan Bordo that should probably come under a new category 'cover stories'. The book's spine is an eight inch ruler.