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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Library Tales: Dedications II

A few more dedications:

To the memory of Dobrila Koliba,
who took my advice, and died because of it.

For my wife Chris with love and thanks
for putting up with me for 45 years

To Tom, Maya, and Gemma,
All good-citizens-to-be, and of some just state, I trust
With love from Popi

To Zina 'A.Z.'
(and to five years of inter-species affinity)

May your star always shine brightly

For all TANU women, and
For my mother, Susan Geiger, whose
"When will you finish that book?" kept me going, and
For Janet Spector, who never doubted that I would.
(That's Tanganyika African National Union, if you didn't know)

To the memory of my mother, from whom I inherited my passion for books
and my indignation at the injustices of this life. To the memory of my father,
from whom I inherited my fascination for science and my curiosity about this
extraordinary world.

This book is dedicated to my wife, Joanna A. Mauer,
and daughter, Brooke Laffan Ciraldo.
Joanna and Brook, in turn, rededicate it to Barry,
beloved late husband and father.
"Barry Laffan died suddenly after a two year long illness before this book was published"

For Chris
a simple twist of fate

For Ned, who somehow succeeded in growing up through all this
and for all those who didn't

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