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Friday 25 April 2014

Photography Friday: Aberystwyth

On my holidays...

To the land of the Dragon, Wales!

& Aberystwyth's rocky shore

From the war memorial, we saw a dolphin

At this castle, Owain Glyndŵr led an independent Wales from 1404-1406

Aberystwyth South Beach...

Where sun hats are required!

A lone ship coming back into the harbour...

& into the Marina...

Where you can paint your boat on sunny days.

A cooling walk into the sea edge.

Ornate Aberystwyth architecture.

One day did have more usual British weather...

But the sea was still beautiful...

& it was a fine day to clamber cliffs and explore caves

We found this shrine to 'Our Lady of the Cliffs'

The view of Aber and the north beach from Constitution Hill

Clarach Bay

Clarach Caves

Our last day was beautifully sunny...

Farewell Aberystwyth, hwl fawr am nawr!